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We design and hand manufacture sustainable lighting products. For us, being sustainable means: 

1. Using ecological and recyclable materials that are already on the market.

2. Employing simple and widely available components that can be easily sourced and repaired.

3. Creating timeless designs that will endure over time.

4. Following ethical practices, such as a fair payment to all involved in our business.

Our main material is wood. Wood is a noble and fully ecological material, and the art of woodworking is a centuries old activity in the North of Portugal. Actually, the region is one of the remaining places in the world where tradition and expertise in woodworking continue alive and thriving. We have been building on this expertise and blending it with the flair of new local designers.


Development of a new product made with wood veneers, at our workshop.

All our products are painstakingly developed and produced by hand.

We essentially work with wood veneers. Wood veneers are thin slices of hardwood. They are literally slices of wood cut from logs. Our veneers come from wood locally grown and certified by FSC. We can thus guarantee an environmentally responsible sourcing. 

Wood veneer is a natural and exquisite material, perfect to shape light. Knots and other elements of wood are a natural occurrence and are part of the feel of the material. Every one of our lamps is, in reality, truly unique since each slice of wood has its own character and richness. We just love that.


Leça da Palmeira's waterfront, with Siza Vieira's Boa Nova Tea House in the background.

We are located in the beautiful town of Leça da Palmeira, in the north of Portugal. We are fortunate to have the Atlantic Ocean at our door. It is a constant source of inspiration. Spaces such as Quinta de Santiago, and the architectural works of Siza Vieira, among many other treasures that make Leça da Palmeira an enchanted place, are also very inspiring to us. Our small shop is a creative hub where we work with local designers. 

Having been in the lighting industry for a significant number of years, we have founded Boah Nova to actively contribute to renewed practices in the field. We believe that a more sustainable future depends on all of us. Everything we do is based on this belief.

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