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Our products are handmade in our workshop in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal. We work with local materials, as much as possible. All of our wood veneers are sourced from Portuguese forests in an environmentally responsibly way, certified by FSC.

We do the development of products in-house, working with a network of talented designers. Our products are thus original and unique. They are also truly hand manufactured, one by one, after orders are received. We craft them with the attention and the time they need. 


In our store you can choose between one of 3 finishings for your lamps:

(1) Transparent varnish; (2) Brown Stain; and (3) Dark Stain. We work only with oak wood in order to be as sustainable as possible, relying on a simple supply chain and carefully selected suppliers who are our partners. The look of the oak is the one you can find in most photos of this website, where a transparent varnish is applied. To clean your lamps you should use only a soft, dry cloth. The varnish protects the veneers and gives them a beautiful look.

Additionally, we do stain our oak veneers to accomplish a different look that enhances the natural wood grain. While wood in its natural state can provide breathtaking beauty, it doesn't always match the other colors or wood tones in our home. Adding stain to wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern of the wood. Staining is done with an eco-friendly finishing applied by hand. Please note that the look might vary according to screen definitions and the photos below serve only the purpose of being an illustrative reference. 


In addition to the models and finishings displayed in our store, we can manufacture customized products according to customers' needs. We make products in any size and handle special requests. Please do contact us if you have particular requirements.

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