Sustainability guides everything we do. Starting in the choice of our main material: wood veneers. Our wood veneers are thin slices of hardwood, grown in Portugal. Fully ecological, wood veneer is a natural and exquisite material, perfect to shape light.



Strive for less, not for more. There is something magical in creating and bringing a new artifact to the world. But it is also a great responsibility. In a world of fast production and consumption, our option is to do things differently. We create timeless and durable lighting products that are not the result or victims of trends. Know more About Us.


What people are saying

Johanna, California, USA

... the lamp shade is beautiful!

João, Guimarães, Portugal

I love the way it shapes light and how thin the wood veneers are. The design is unique: both modern and classic. LOVE IT! 

Alan Gylfe, Helsinki, Finland

Really gorgeous lamp. It lights up my living room in an amazing way. 

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